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Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

In the wake of increasing cyberattacks and data breaches, startups across the world, including Europe, are revamping their security structures. Especially with the rapid migration of technology infrastructure into the cloud, the expansion of cloud-based security is the burning concern for most enterprise security managers. Today, startups are focusing more to automate data and identity verification methods. As a first step, majority of startups are strengthening the boundaries of cloud-based platforms that not only allows them to reduce costs, improve protection, fight threat intelligence but also enables them to adhere to government and industry compliance standards better. Besides to stay ahead of security threats, several startups are now combining two or more robust technologies like ring signature and zero-knowledge proof, distributed ledger technologies, and others. Also, ‘passwordless’ authentication tools that include hardware tokens or one-time password generators, biometric and knowledge-based authentication are gaining popularity to bolster the enterprise security process.

Keeping in mind such drastic transitions, we have compiled this issue of Enterprise Security Magazine in order to assist organisations in the task of finding accomplished solution providers to help them navigate the enterprise security startup realm. In this edition, we have listed top 10 enterprise security startups solution providers in Europe 2020 to highlight the enterprises that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers are transforming the enterprise security paradigm at the cloverleaf of various disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the enterprise security sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Enterprise Security Magazine helps you build the partnership you and your organisation need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s “Top 10 Enterprise Security Startups Solution Providers in Europe – 2020.”

    Top Enterprise Security Startups Solution Companies in Europe

  • Octiga offers robust, cloud-based, and affordable automated cybersecurity solutions to SMEs. Octiga goes the extra mile and helps clients by educating them on cybersecurity and how they can implement various methods to strengthen their defences – as a result, the company stands tall as a partner of choice for many. To address an organisation’s internal threats, Dr. McFeely and his team have invested significant time in creating a simple user experience which guides clients to safely configure and operate their accounts in way that is tailored for their unique business

  • SSE supports enterprises in secure planning of IT projects, from the conception of the architecture and software development up to the establishment of an information security management system (ISMS) and data protection management. It helps enterprises by auditing their system security and information security management, and providing secure implementation and support



    CY4GATE was created in 2015 by ELETTRONICA SpA and Expert System SpA by combining resources, competences and expertise to realize a 360 ° Project in the 5th Domain. Today the Company is partly owned by Elettonica SpA and partly listed on the Milano Stock Exchange. Thanks to our 70-year long experience in the military, intelligence and law enforcement fields we have designed unprecedented cyber electronic warfare and intelligence solutions. First things first: protect yourself, always. As the network-centric approach is growing fast, so are the vulnerabilities. Customized multilayer architecture system, with a cybersecurity integration into the lifecycle, is a MUST. Furthermore, becoming knowledgeable on threats and the best techniques to face them, will make it harder for a cybercriminal to access or disrupt your data

  • Exein


    The firmware security software and middleware that can be injected like a vaccine in the hardware and aims to defend it from inside, working directly into the firmware at a lower level. Firmware is virtually everywhere, and Exein is constantly working to secure millions of devices all over the world to make your daily life safer. The employees at Exein are a team of dynamic individuals who love all things data, ML, and open source—not to mention passionate about firmware!

  • ImmuniWeb


    ImmuniWeb provides AI-enabled Application Security Testing and Attack Surface Management SaaS solutions for web, mobile and IoT security testing, digital asset inventory with actionable security ratings, and Dark Web monitoring tailored to reduce complexity and operational costs. ImmuniWeb® AI is selected by SC Media Reboot 18 in the “Analysis and Testing” category of the most innovative cybersecurity companies of the year. In January 2020, ImmuniWeb Receives the Elite “Hall of Fame” Status in SC Media’s Reboot 19 Innovator Award

  • QuantiCor Security

    QuantiCor Security

    QuantiCor Security is a startup in Darmstadt, the digital hub for cyber security in Germany, which has been evolved out of Darmstadt University of Technology. It has committed itself to serve as an interface between science and business. QuantiCor Security provides quantum computer-resistant security solutions encompassing encryption and signature algorithms that are developed based on the most current research. Furthermore, they are embedded into innovative applications ensuring very high security standards

  • Secure Code Warrior

    Secure Code Warrior

    Developed an online secure coding platform that helps Developers to think and act with a security mindset every day. Companies can then scale their secure coding excellence as coders and Development teams build and verify their software security skills, gain real-time advice, and monitor skills development. Empowers Developers to write secure code, achieving rapid improvements in security compliance and consistency, as well as a better quality and speed of code writing. The more teams use our platform, the better they’ll become at secure coding and the less time and money will be spent finding and fixing bugs

  • SoftSeq


    SoftSeq LLC is a Boutique Security Consulting company providing Professional Services in the field of Software Security. The company provides innovative cyber-security services to ensure customer software is hacker-proof, and in compliance with the most rigorous international standards. SoftSeq's goal is to deliver better security than any given budget can buy elsewhere. SoftSeq organizes and co-organizes numerous non-commercial cyber-security community events every year, such as OWASP Meetups and BSides conferences. All SoftSeq engineers are members of OWASP, who have decades of experience working in security departments of organizations with top level security expertise

  • Swiss Security Solutions

    Swiss Security Solutions

    Swiss Security Solutions is the global, integrated security corporation offering an extensive line of effective security, safety, investigation, intelligence and personal protection solutions, services, and products with the use of innovative technology. The firm consists of four principal officers with a combined industry experience of over 65 years. The company was formed to take advantage of the significant weakness and inadequacies in local, regional, national and global security, investigation and protection companies in terms of professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction. Swiss Security Solutions provides security solutions, services, and systems to help, serve, secure and care for the people and businesses in our communities, and to make our private and business customers feel safe

  • VMRay


    VMRay is focused on a single mission: to help enterprises protect themselves against the growing global malware threat. The company’s automated malware analysis and detection solutions help enterprises around the world minimize business risk, protect their valuable data and safeguard their brand. VMRay’s founders, Dr. Carsten Willems and Dr. Ralf Hund, were early pioneers in malware sandboxing, developing breakthrough technologies that continue to lead the industry. They founded VMRay to transform their research into practical solutions for making the online world a safer place