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Burak Dayioğlu, Co-Founder & CEO, ATAR LabsBurak Dayioğlu, Co-Founder & CEO
Technological advancements in the globe today have brought along a large volume of alerts or threat data with them. Their complexity, increasing volume, and the exponential rate in which they are spreading create an urgent need for organizations to implement the most suitable Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) tool into the security operations. Although a typical organization is seen employing a different number of security solutions in daily processes. But creating a running process by using distinct solutions come across as a major challenge since certain products use the output of other products as an input. Thus, appropriate coordination and formalization of the actions is the need of the hour. Also, organizations need to focus on automating responses based on the defined threats of the environment. In this situation, orchestration is a must to deliver adequate information to comprehend, review, and identify any suspicious activities that may cause major business disruptions. Once the required investigation is accomplished, and the results confirm the presence of threats, enterprises can immediately respond to it. However, there is a serious dearth in human resources to handle all these activities in the current environment. But threats are inevitable, and it is the machine-driven automated activities that can emerge as the best of solutions to handle the security challenges among enterprises. London-based company ATAR Labs emerge as the game-changer in enterprise security by building next-generation Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms. Established by a well-versed management team of Innovera, the company offers to its customers an innovative cybersecurity technology with the motive to represent itself as one of the precursors of the global industry.
ATAR Labs focuses on creating umbrella solutions to get down to the basics and streamline security operations so that a safe and secure future can be made attainable. The company’s SOC orchestration and response management platform Atar features a programmable robot, an analytics engine, and an analyst augmentation. Although software will never replace human judgment in the anticipated future, ATAR Labs envisions that most of the incident response tasks can still be offloaded to the software. Utilizing the ATAR robot, enterprises can thus offload the most mundane as well as iterative undertakings to it and invest their time and focus on tasks that matter the most. The company has already served its customers in offloading 50% of their workload to the robot.

ATAR’s team is skilled in interrogating endpoints and configuring the firewalls. It also isolates computers in a network and locks the user accounts, either temporarily or permanently so the users can rest assured when it comes to security. In a way, ATAR assists analysts in collecting data and evidence that can facilitate swift analysis and undertake remediation actions with ease.

Also, in various SOC settings in the current scenario, the activities that take place during an investigation are not logged. As a result, it is not possible to maintain a trail of the actions that took place previously. ATAR keeps a record of every analyst activities and automated operations. This process generates a huge volume of operational intelligence data and using these data, ATAR offers KPIs and metrics that provide valuable insights into SOC’s proceedings.

The company has also set an integrated service desk that functions as an incident management cockpit. It speeds up the investigation and helps multiple analysts to work on the same case, thereby promoting collaboration.

The company aspires to enhance its solutions in the future, and continue assisting enterprises in defining arbitrary automation scenarios. With its advanced solutions, ATAR Labs will make efforts to help organizations handle the automated actions for an accurate approach and less response time. ATAR Labs is ready to begin a multinational operation through offices in the UAE, mainland Europe and the UK.
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London, United Kingdom

Burak Dayioğlu, Co-Founder & CEO

The enterprise security company, ATAR Labs, was founded by the experienced management team of Innovera. ATAR Labs provides its customers with the cutting edge cybersecurity technology with the vision of becoming one of the forerunners of the global industry. The company mission is building umbrella solutions to simplify and streamline security operations for a safe and secure future. ATAR Labs makes next-gen Security Orchestration and Automation and Response (SOAR) platforms. Their flagship product ATAR helps SOC teams to become more vigilant and active while assisting them to achieve more