Alsid: An Agile Way to Prevent Cyber Attacks

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Emmanuel Gras, Co-Founder & CEO, AlsidEmmanuel Gras, Co-Founder & CEO
In the sands of time, Active Directory has become the keystone of corporate security. But, often, the importance of keeping it safe and secure is overlooked. Although the Active Directory services are appropriately configured during the initial phase, they are continuously evolving systems, and thus, their security requires constant upgrading so they can achieve maximum protection. But at the same time, maintaining state-of-art security for Active Directory is a challenge for organizations, both in technical terms and process-wise. Cyber attacks after penetrating the peripheral protection always target the same infrastructure: Active director that is I charge of all the access control rights. Although a broad range of solutions has been designed to detect or prevent the peripheral breaches, once these solutions are attacked, a vulnerable Active directory becomes an easy pathway for hackers to access confidential gain of controls, data and disrupt operations. Alsid, a Paris-based company, offers agile, pragmatic, and efficient solutions to fight modern threats and cyber attacks. Since most companies of different sizes are compromised daily due to inadequately-secured directory infrastructure, Alsid sets its goal to bring change. The company was founded by security experts who have several years of field experience. Its team is intensely focused on preventing business disruption, negative publicity, and liability exposure for well-established public companies.

The company defines and uses Indicators of Exposure (IoE) to make a consistent detection of breaches of Active Directory security the moment they appear in a very consistent and standardized manner.
Also, all security-related components of Active Directory are properly supervised to identify security breaches before the hackers can exploit it. The company’s threat intelligence experts always stay alongside state-of-the-art security practices and real-world hacker techniques. Thus, they can easily identify new attack scenarios, and they are added to the platform. Moreover, for a contextualized and consolidated view of threats with easy-to-read remediation plans, vulnerability reports, and metrics, Alsid has designed its Security Dashboards too.

A world-leading expert in energy transition and digital transformation VINCI Energies was pursuing its expansion through both organic growth and sturdy acquisition policy. Although the expansion proved to be beneficial for the company, it led to more intricate information technology (IT) environments administered by internationally scattered teams. Such incorporations of foreign resources, unfortunately, gives birth to different kinds of security breaches on the active Directory environments, for instance, illegitimate or misconfigurations access rights, and consequently, the whole Information System can get endangered due to the AD design. Alsid collaborated with the company and offered its solution that was simple and smooth to implement. The solution deployment took only 14 days and post-deployment the team of VINCI Energy ha to access the web-based interface that is easily viewable on any device, tailor-made recommendations, indicators of exposure, and real-time analysis. The remote-enclave solution of Alsid proved to be the best choice for VINCI Energies’s requirements. With the presence of only two part-time employees of the client company, the top management and security teams of VINCI Energies were able to gain a global vision of the security status of their Active Directory continuously through Alsid’s consolidated dashboards. Also, the real-time security monitoring of Alsid’s solution helped VINCI Energies’s security team to evaluate the proper implementation of remediation measures. This allowed them to pick the relevant time to rally the new organizations into the global infrastructure.

Alsid is aspiring to enhance its solutions for enterprise security in the times to come. With features that will be added based on customer requirements, Alsid will continue to provide its proactive solution can offer instant pain relief for Active Directory of enterprises across the globe. The company has also prepared itself to expand in Asia.
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Paris, France

Emmanuel Gras, Co-Founder & CEO

Alsid is an automated solution provider which offers organizations pragmatic, efficient solutions to reliably prevent modern threats and cyber attacks. The company was founded by security experts with years of field experience. Alsid is already preventing business disruption, information theft, negative publicity, and liability exposure for large public companies. The company encompasses diverse, open-minded, and perfectionist security addicts together working smarter and harder to thwart attackers. Alsid believes that by standing alone, the cyberwar can be won. Which is why they have created a highly collaborative environment and exchange insights daily with our partners in the security field